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We're planning our 2018 event dates and we also host a mountain bike event in the Brecons so I'm keen to avoid our event clashing with the Brecon Beast. Have you set a date for your 2018 ride yet?


Mark Gregory

Another great ride I have been doing the beast since 2009 but this year decided to use a cyclocross bike bad choice but still finished the long route not bad for a 56 year old smoker
Paul whitlock

I think there was myself and one other guy on cyclocross bikes. Personally it was very doable. Only issues was my tyre choice and 6 punctures later (45 mins spent repairing halfway down gap!).
The weather helped immensely. The freebies (not really as we paid ) at the end were throwaways. A medal is for keeps. Ditch the other stuff and have a medal nxt yr. This is my 4th since 2006.
Thanks to the phillipino massive for the noisy party the night before the race.
All in all a great event with less and less rd sections. See you next yr.

colin clarke

did you see me fifteen minutes from start? i hit the tarmac with my head - not good. i want to know what happened. no recollection due to head injury. will be fine but just want to know. please let me know if you saw anything. julie barr
julie barr

Since, The Brecon BEAST join the British Cycling I noticed it takes time for the results to come out and until now there is no official photographer for the photos of the riders.
Jesulito Encarnacion
We will reconsider the British Cycling on-line entry for next years event. There is no 'official' photographer. We rely on riders & others to send photos to us or to put them directly onto Facebook.

Just wanted to say thanks to the organisers and wonderful marshals for a fantastic event. First time I've taken part in an organised MTB ride and I thoroughly enjoyed myself and finished with a nice sense of achievement. Managed to complete the long route and thought it a great mix of distance endurance and technical challenge. Particularly loved the wet rocky descent at the split from the short to the long course and the drop down the far side of the gap road. The great weather and world class scenery only add to the magic of the ride.
See you again next year.

Jon McCalmont

Very good race this year-really enjoyed it. However, I have misplaced my cycling shoes and am uncertain if I bright them home. They are red shoes with Bontrager the make, if anybody has seen them or knows where they are please contact me on my Other than that the only disappointment was the lack of beer at the end.
Ross Grimes
I have sent your details to our Secretary who has all the lost property.

hi just wondering if you could provide me a time riders result for riders no.560 long route for Breacon Beast 2014 event.
Sorry, but we don't keep the old information.

Brilliant ride, really enjoyed the 2016 route. Excellent marshaling on route. Thanks to all! Been attending since 2011 and will be back in 2017. Gap road climb and downhill awesome as always. However... missed adding a 2016 Tee Shirt to my collection... that's a pretty unique finishing prize in the cycling calendar. Would be great if that could be reinstated for 2017... or maybe added as an extra item we could purchase??
Marcus Lancaster
Will consider this at our de-brief meeting.

Greetings Tom did long ride yesterday brilliant ticked all the boxs on route. Meal on saturday was excellent facilities all excellent great day out the marshals so friendly and helpful
would recommend and do again
may the force stay with you steve

stephen mcginnigle

Please pat yourselves on the back, truly awesome ride today- 64k of pure enjoyment - Dioch
John Purchase

As stated at start shorter but nailed the quality of track great course

Adrian brown

This year (2016) was definitely a beast but a beautiful one at that! I rode the short route and thought it was fantastic, plenty of off road action and some epic views. If we hadn't had rain to muddy a few of the steep climbs it would have been even better ( especially the first off road climb up a narrow lane). The haribo sweets at the feed stations were a stroke of genius! Thanks to all the organisers and the marshals for a great event, I will definitely be back for more in 2017.
Rider 597

it would be nice if there was a over 60ty class to motivate all ages to enter what is a great trial
william reid
We will consider this when we set up next year's event.

Hi Folks,

Firstly let me congratulate you on running a hugely enjoyable event and making me as a newbie feel very welcome.I appreciate how much effort went into making it happen and run smoothly and it was evident all over.

My little of bit of feedback relates to the choice of route. I personally found it not the most interesting, with a lot of time spent on roads and not much downhill entertainment. Friends who had done it for the previous couple of years stated hey felt it wa more roadtime than any of their previous events. They did also say that last years was incredibly hard with very little road! I would like to see a little more time in the woods or on fast off road downhills.The hard part now will be deciding whether to do it again next year without knowing the route in advance....

Please don't let my feedback get you down. I had a great time made all the better by the people i met along the way, most of who were part of the ride in some fashion or other. I left with a big smile hiding my neverregions discomfort and my daughter loves my name appearing on the back of the t-shirt!

Many thanks again for all your hard work,

Rich Williams
The route this year was mostly dictated by where we were allowed to go. Access to forestry etc. was restricted, unlike in previous years, because of felling work & the new Natural Resources Wales regulations. It is getting more and more difficult to plan a route & obtain early approval for access as well as finding enough marshals. Hopefully next year we will find some nice single track & some steep downhills.

Another great event. Well marshalled and sign posted. There were a few signs that seemed to hit at a steep decent that maybe shouldn't have been there but that is a minor issue.

There was a lot of tarmac as others have mentioned and it was a shame not to ride The Gap but you can't have it all I suppose.

You must also have ran out of beer by the time I got in as I missed out on that one..

See you in 2016! :-)

Billy Smith
Tarmac issue is a recurring one - sorry. I have always found that mountain bikers are friendly, courteous & generous but the smell of free beer made some of your fellow riders take more than their fair share.

Great event
Weather was perfect
No bottlenecks as the riders were strung out.
Possibly swap a bit of road for more bumpy stuff.
Plan to be back next year

Karl Moorhouse
We can put some speed bumps in if you like!

Here’s a rare bit of welsh information
Not just the long name of a station
A beast lies in Brecon, a killer bike ride
Over 40 miles to pedal, no places to hide

A pasta party to get a carb load
Camping just the other side of the road
Friendly people and day-glow signs
Bananas and apples, at just the right times

A hero’s welcome, beer and a t-shirt
Await the weary, legs overworked
But the sun is beaming, and so are the smiles
Chuffed riders remembering all of the miles

So thanks to you, the hard working crew
Who make it happen, and every year too!
I’ll be back, having forgotten the pain
And next time I’ll have the long route to tame!


Thank you very much indeed to everyone involved in organising and hosting the Beast. You all did a fantastic job - especially the hyper-thorough route marker puter-upper. Best job ever in the history of all cycling events. Thanks also to all the very friendly marshals who gave up their day for our fun. Thank you.
Pete Devine
Much appreciated.

Too much road for a mtb marathon, i didn't like it in 2013, not a big fan of the route this year.
last year was great! what has happened to the gap road?
i know its hard to please everyone but need more single track. well organised as usual and the beer at the end an absolute life saver.
thanks all.

Neil Kelly

Excellent event,1st time on the beast & tamed the long route, 4 of us travelled up from Plymouth early hours Sunday morn.2 completed the short & 2 the long, was enjoyed by all.Thanks marshalls, Brecon mt. rescue. Signage was spot on, good lead out,if anything feed stations could have had a bit more variety other than fruit?? biscuits,flap jacks,cakes.etc. though down to cost I presume ?. As for the road sections, well need to get from A to B, between sections & if you can't do it any other way then suppose road it is. Great route,great day,great weather,great views, "o" & a T shirt & beer. Cheers. see you next year to do it all again.
Martin Foster

What happened to the guy who crashed just as we turned out of the leisure centre at the start? Saw him being helped to his feet looking dazed within 2 minutes of the start. Was this due to a crowded field of riders or was he riding in a poor fashion? I noticed he was on the wrong side of the road.
Bilbo Baggins
He touched bars with his friend & both went down hard. No long term injuries though. We swept up & delivered to British Red Cross on site.

hi great day thanks to all the people who made it possible.
could you alter my entry as only done the short course.thanks

alan haines

Excellent course marking, would have liked less climbing and more off road descent time, a bit too much tarmac involved, but overall a great event. Well done with securing the perfect weather conditions.
Steve Hodgson
You need to thank someone higher up for the weather.

Oooooo my god my legs are still killing me that was a bloody good ride ...i dint think i was going to do it i was in pain with cramp in my legs ...but i did it and im so pleasd with my self and my dad n bro n two mates ....we had a brill weekend camping .chating ... n busting our balls .... it was a very good weekend thank you all
Kris tweed
Well done and we hope to see you at the 2016 Beast.

Great event, lead out on tarmac did great job of spreading out the field, good mix of road/off road if you did the long route. The Beast is the best event all year, well signed and brilliantly marshalled, don't change a thing
David Allen

Yet another well organised Beast by the team in Brecon. We did this course before in 2013 but I thoroughly enjoyed the day.
As always a great atmosphere and the weather was kind too.
Must say the cold beer at the end was a great idea, it didn't touch the sides.
Did miss the energy gels at the feeding stations.
Well done everyone

Wayne T Davies
We will discuss the lack of energy gells at our debrief meeting. Sorry.

I would have to agree with comments about too much road and no real single track.
Very well organised event,though and I will be back. By the way my number 728 surname is Purchase not Furchase.
The van at the start needs to move quicker was almost in a pile up at the start

John Purchase
The slow speed of the leadout van (10mph) is intended to keep all the 700 riders close together so the road junctions etc. are closed for the minimum time. This has been requested by the Police so we are stuck with it. Sorry.

Excellent cycle event, if leaning toward the road aspect. Many thanks to organizers, marshals and recovery station staff. Great beer by Rocky Mountain :)
Ross Alexander Grimes

The beer at the end was priceless!
Thanks for a great event :)

Jeremy Holmes
Thank ROCKY MOUNTAIN for the beer if you were lucky enough to get some. What was it like?

Very disappointed, seemed the route was made as a workout and not for actually MTBing, a lot of climbing for below average descents. Last 20km were almost all road-thought it was a MTB event?!
Garry Cattle
We are sorry that you were unhappy with the route which did have a lot of tarmac. Last year we had complaints of queues at the first narrow sections so we made the decision to thin the field out before you went off road. The usual problems with connecting up the off-road sections arises every year and, unfortunately, this years route did not make you and many other riders happy bunnies. Sorry.

Awesome day yesterday cheers. I was mostly dreading the previous years complaints to be re enacted about long queues as I generally exercise outdoors to escape all the other bloody people in this world ha ha. However, it was perfect, no queues and I didn't have to revert to a map at every junction as is usual with my bike rides and found it to be well organized and a great route; if a bit roady, however my legs are sore enough today to thank god there was that much road :). Excellent job be back next year maybe for the long one.
Stuart Adams
Thank you.

does anyone have a gpx for the short route yesterdy?


Contact and I will put you in touch with Michael.

Thanks for another great 'Beast. The marshalls and general organisation were superb.
I've done the short event many times but this was my first time on the long route: very hard!

Marc Cheshire
Thank you.

Can you provide just an overview of this years routes, so that we can consider which to choose ?

Richard Wade
Still waiting for final route to agreed with people. The organisers will discuss ways of giving a rough description of route surfaces etc. when we have our debrief meeting in a couple of weeks.

Hi guys

Love the beast but why again are you and the MTB marathon guys keep clashing your events surely you could at least run one sat and one Sunday?


Stephen Corbyn
It puzzles us too. We have held the Brecon Beast event on the second Sunday in September since 2002 so should we change our date?

I understand you cannot reveal the routes but you will please tell us the distances? Thanks
Philip Harrington
THIS IS THE FIRST 2015 COMMENT - We aim to plan routes approx. 60 & 100k but this can vary 10k or so depending on whether we can access the off-road land we prefer. Agreement with Local Authorities & land owners may only be confirmed a few weeks before the event date. Denial of access to a small stretch may result in major alterations to our preferred route. In addition we may only discover that tree harvesting has commenced when MTB riders report it.

Already left comments just wondering when the pics are coming
paul whitlock
There are some video/photographs on this website but there are also links to galleries on our Facebook page.

just wanted to say big thankyou to everyone who helped organize and run the Brecon Beast. This was my sixth Beast and I enjoyed it more than ever after missing last year because of injury. Lets hope everyone makes it back next year!
Philip Harrington

Thought this event was great, can't belive people are moaning about the start, it's a charity event that a lot of people put a lot of work in to, this was my first and I thought it was amazing, where alse can you ride off road for so long with no roads!!
Can't wait for next year!!!

Karl channer

First beast ride was tougher than i thought, even tho i should be used to some of the route being from merthyr looking forward to next year only issue was bottle neck which has been mentioned ..thanks to everyone involved for all their hard work !!
julian smith

Already commented on the event, great to watch the videos of the day, when are the photos going to be uploaded?
Pete Hodge
We should start to publish some links by the weekend

A very well organised event! my first time to enter and will definately do it again. Thanks to everyone involved.
Dean Morris

I would like to thank everyone involved for giving up their spare time, to give me such an amazing experience.especially the guys who cleared the trails
ann-marie pratley

My first Beast. Did the long route and was blown away by how amazing it was. The set up, the marshalls, the organisation. The scenery was breathtaking, even though most of the time I had my head down!
There we're hold ups at the start but instead of staggered starts, which would take too long, you could maybe change the route so that it was longer before it went down to a narrow lane. Just a thought.
Vowed never to do it again at the end, but already thinking about next year!
Massive thank you to all the people who gave up their time.

Rich Lucas

Superb days ride, 3 of us came from Deal in Kent, which was a long drive, but worth every second, we thought we trained enough for this ride ! Clearly we didn't ha ha, but we were not beaten, tough on a hardtail bike, and after reading comments and replies I guess to beat the log jams which can take an hour or more, I would say get up front ASAP ! Thanks for an exhausting day, and a 5 hour drive home lol
Rich O'Neill

Great route- really enjoyed the ride
Only downside was waiting for over an hour for the log jam to move on the first single track.
A Staggered start with maybe Long fast, rest of Long, Short fast and rest of Short leaving at 20 min gaps between

Karl Moorjhouse
Many of you have suggested a staggered start. The Brecon Beast team have investigated this approach in the past. However, the biggest hurdle is closing the road for an extended time or multiple times to allow the safe passage of the riders at the beginning of the course. The local police have helped as far as they are able but unfortunately unable to extend their resources to allow for a staggered start, which is understandable. Having said that we would like to thank the Powys Police force for the help they have given us this year and in the past.

Thanks everybody, thoroughly enjoyable day and the best Beast course I've ridden so far !
Fiona Price

This was my first experience of an Enduro (only been riding a year or so) and I loved it! the setting, the hills (up and down) brilliant but hard work.
My only gripe would be the start was poorly coordinated with a bottleneck on the first off road section which held us all up for around an hour as walking and queuing up a single track hill was not really the experience I was after (and from the muttering around I think it was a collective thought). perhaps a staggered start or double track only for first 20K would thin the field out better next year.

Paul Hanson

Another amazing opportunity to have a guided tour of the Beacons - much appreciated. I think it would be sensible to let the longer route riders go first and a slightly earlier drinks stop otherwise fantastic.
Sean Davey


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